Consumers can use private label products with confidence in quality and efficacy.

Year after year, consumers continue to gain confidence in Private Label or Store Brand products. For some, their economic realities force trial and use of private label. For others, it’s simply recognizing that store brand value is great and product quality meets or exceeds that of comparable advertised brands.

While consumers in the food aisle are typically concerned with taste, aroma, and other sensory perceptions, those in the health aisles also have concerns related to efficacy, quality, and safety.

When a consumer see’s the “Compare to” statement on a product, they should be aware that the product has very likely been tested by a 3rd party laboratory to prove the item is chemically equivalent and has the same active ingredient, dosage, dissolution rate, directions and instructions.

Store brand products are manufactured in FDA approved facilities which are audited with the same frequency as their advertised brand counterparts. In fact, some of these facilities may be contract manufacturing product for the advertised brands. In addition to the regular FDA audits, many retailers require 3rd party audits to further ensure quality compliance and confidence.

Reese Pharmaceutical Company is proud to be a private label manufacturer to some of the strongest store brand retail brands in the marketplace.