Reese Pharmaceutical Company is a privately held manufacturer of OTC branded and private label products selling to national and regional chains, food and grocery stores, drug wholesalers, co-ops and independent pharmacies.

The company originated in 1907 and began as a small independent pharmacy in Cleveland, Ohio. The owner and pharmacist, George W. Reese saw a need in the market for high quality, over-the counter pharmaceuticals. So, he began compounding unique, special medications in a lab in the basement of his drug store, making them available to his customers. Soon, other pharmacists in the Cleveland area heard of these special medications, and began ordering them directly from Mr. Reese. Before long, business increased to the point that Mr. Reese concentrated his efforts solely on supplying these unique products to pharmacies throughout the country.

Throughout the years, Reese Pharmaceutical Company has developed nationally recognized products.

  • Dough-Boy Prophylactic Kit – Soldiers carried as “Standard Issue” during World Wars I and II
  • Reese’s Blu-Tabs – a cold medication for the treatment of nasal congestion and hay fever
  • Red Hearts/Red Roosters – a heart-shaped vitamin and mineral tablet containing iron and zinc
  • Just-One-Per-Day – 1st to market with a maximum strength extended release weight control product containing phenylpropanolamine and caffeine
  • Recapsin Crème – a topical arthritic cream containing Capsaicin 0.025%, sold to Eckerd in the 1990’s

Our most recent branded products that are currently on shelves today include:

  • Refenesen – first to bring “near” Mucinex formulas to market featuring the maximum OTC guaifenesin dosage in an immediate release tablet with value pricing
  • Pinworm Medicine – treating pinworm since 1986 with the leading OTC brand, features pyrantel pamoate, the only OTC anthelmintic recognized by the FDA
  • Re Azo Urinary Pain Relief – now sold in many private label store brands

Ever since our small beginning back in 1907, Reese Pharmaceutical Company has continued to grow and thrive and is now a 4th generation, family-run business. We supply the pharmaceutical industry, and ultimately, the consuming public, with high quality, unique medications that are stronger and more effective than either the name brands or their generic equivalents as well as equivalents to the name brands. We have expanded our production capabilities by adding more equipment to our facilities in order to keep up with our growing range of OTC and Healthcare products. We currently have products that span the Cough & Cold, Digestive, Family Planning, Feminine Health, Feminine Pain, First Aid and Immune Support Categories and are constantly striving to develop and grow our mix of products.

Innovative Product Line

Since our beginning in 1907, we have regularly developed quality branded and private label consumer health products with the intention to help our customers maximize their opportunities while offering great prices to their consumer. In many cases, these niche items are first to market concepts or feature difficult to manufacture (or source) ingredients.

Our product line can run the gamut of consumer health…from OTC drugs to dietary supplements to medical devices to probiotics. When we see consumer demand and a hole in the marketplace we will look to fill that need.

All of our products and facilities are under the scrutiny of our Quality Department and are regularly audited by FDA as well as other outsourced independent third party quality assurance organizations.

Private Label Leader

Reese Pharmaceutical provides quality manufacturing, packaging, and top notch service and customer service for products and customers in the consumer health categories. We have grown to become an essential player in the branded and private label OTC space due in large part to our unique ability to develop high quality niche products.

All products are manufactured and packaged in our cGMP-compliant facilities. Every product meets and often exceeds FDA regulations. Our FDA Registered Facilities are regularly audited by the FDA as well as some of our largest retail customers. Additionally, we continually review our processes to ensure our pledge to be an environmentally conscious manufacturer.

Like any successful business, Reese is always evolving — from improving and expanding our facilities, adding technology, hiring the best and brightest team members to developing unique products and providing new and better solutions to further your brand and manage our business processes.

Reliable & Trusted Vendor

For as long as anyone here can remember, the Reese corporate slogan is, “Our business is your good name!”

…meaning we understand that our success lies solely on making sure our business is aligned with your needs and that the products we manufacture and ship are of the highest quality to meet YOUR customers’ expectations.

We work diligently to ensure every customer gets focused attention from our entire organization.

From the nation’s largest, more complex retail outlets to the local independent individual operators, our emphasis on exceeding customer expectations has provided Reese with a diverse, recurrent and satisfied customer base.

Strategic Acquisitions & Partnerships

Reese Pharmaceutical Company is an established provider of consumer health products to the largest chains and wholesalers in the industry. Due to our relationships with these customers, we are always looking for opportunities to expand our product line and our manufacturing capabilities.

We are eager to hear from business owners and executives within our industry in the USA or internationally that are looking to sell their branded products. For companies looking to sell their company or perhaps existing manufacturing facilities, we would only be interested in those located within the United States.

We are also interested in discussions with manufacturers who might prefer various partnering or co-marketing opportunities.

To start a discussion, please contact:
Casey Reese Business Development