Tony Lamonica​

Chief Financial Officer​

Tony started his professional career at Clifton Gunderson in 1978 and happened to have Reese as one of his clients. After working with Reese for several years, he felt that public accounting was not for him and decided to come to Reese as our Controller in 1998.

Tony has served as the voice of reason for Reese for the last 25 years. His calm approach to all matters makes him the go to source for all that need help tackling challenging problems – accounting related or otherwise.

In 2015 Tony was promoted to the CFO position and has been a leader on the executive team that has helped Reese maintain regular growth year over year.
Tony is active in various business groups in Cleveland and spent 18 years as the treasurer of his church.

Tony is retiring in Q1 2023 and looks forward to spending time with his wife and enjoying the great outdoors. Tony is an avid hiker and house putter arounder.